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We Provide the Vocational Education tools needed to Build Dreams

Projects we are working on

Our Patrons are social venture brokers who advise the 10 business operations of Maximum Balance Foundation, its newsletters, websites, and makerlabs. We influence more than 1 million Silicon based groups and business owners annually. Our incredible track record of success includes taking entrepreneurs to seven figure incomes in fractions of time.

Summer Dreams Idea House

The education we provide has the power to change the trajectory of our students’ lives.
From helping them to find work and elevate their careers to transforming their communities.


8 Steps for Success
Step # 1: Getting started
Step # 2: Staff Orientation
Step # 3: CityLab Implementation Plan
Step # 4: Group Leader Orientation
Step # 5: Group Member Invitations
Step # 6: Community-wide Launch
Step # 7: Ongoing (for CityLab/Table) Team and Citylab Staff)
Step # 8: Community-wide Celebration

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PO Box 1404 San Jose CA 95113-1404

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