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Two-generation programs Cisco Network Academy

Best Certifications in the Industry

We use game technologies, but we’re not building games. We’re harnessing VR/AR/MR to add real, measurable value across many industries, including architecture, healthcare, marketing, manufacturing, trade show experiences and more…all through Cisco Certification Training and Exams

Trainers provide the personal insights and team development that transforms the attitudes of “me” to “we” by creating a sense of duty to each other’s success

Expected Outcomes

Provide a roadmap to increase the productivity of teams
Improve effectiveness in interpersonal relationships – the foundation of all business transactions
Build loyalty to each other, your mission, and your customers’ success

Two-generation programs, which provide workforce development and skills training to parents while their children are engaged in quality early-childhood education programs, are a promising investment and anti-poverty strategy gaining momentum across the country. Surprisingly, few early learning programs target parents for postsecondary education and training, despite the fact that increased parental education and family income are associated with better outcomes for children.

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Two Generational Learning programs




Every day, public and private organizations work to improve the lives of others, in an increasingly digital economy; and every day, Maximum Balance Foundation SPC Foundation works to improve education for the industry so it can more effectively serve others, through the use of technology.



Our organization and its programs are built around five basic principles of organizational excellence.

Solution-oriented strategies must be based on real research, not intuition, do your math.

Meetings are a place where promises are confirmed, and follow through is celebrated.



We implement evidence-based programs is important because they have solid research behind them proving their effectiveness.

Often times, government agencies and certain foundations or grantors require use of an evidence-based program if it is to be funded.



Instill commitment and ownership

Develop key people into leaders

Enhance dialogue, styles, and methods

Resolve issues that impact performance

Create self-sustaining teams

Shape the future

Guide and influence results

Inspire yourself and others



We believe in honoring the unique personalities, culture and market that has grown your business so far.



We hire only the very best students to help you take your business into the future with success beyond your wildest dreams.