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We Provide the Vocational Education tools needed to Build Dreams

Projects we are working on

Our Patrons are social venture brokers who advise the 10 business operations of Maximum Balance Foundation, its newsletters, websites, and makerlabs. We influence more than 1 million Silicon based groups and business owners annually. Our incredible track record of success includes taking entrepreneurs to seven figure incomes in fractions of time.

Our concept is simple.

Maximum Balance Foundation is one of the first Social Purpose Corporations to register in California, and (Professional) was the first in-custody county jail focused Cisco Network Academy in the United States of America (as of June 2011).

Citylab provides Pre-Apprenticeship and On-the-Job Training in Technical Network Career Fields, for our students seeking careers or education in computer network sciences; and operates within MakerSpaces in US Cities.

Have testing and certification at the heart of the learning experience as it becomes the global standard to measure success.

Johnny Lee Clarke is the founder of and operates the Cisco Networking Academy for CityLab and provides Managerial Leadership to the Maximum Balance Foundation Social Purpose Corporation.

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