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Since 2011, MBF has operated a Cisco Network Academy (CityLab Professional);  we are a consortium of secondary schools, community colleges, labor agencies, and employers and industry representatives that commit to building career pathways leading to jobs in high-demand industries that offer “stackable” credentials (i.e., a sequence of credentials that can be accumulated over time).

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We teach young people how to prepare for education, and connect the generation to innovation economies that their parents use and can further understand.


CityLab is pioneering a path to jobs that are yet to be needed as we move towards the world where “things” are connected to each other over the internet..


CityLab Network Academy strategy is to provide State-Certified Technical Training programs in a Productive Laboratory, involve an attempt to serve students in over 20 local county jails in Northern California and their respective High Schools in urban areas through small learning communities..


Maximum Balance Foundation, and local members of our selected lead sponsor, ASUS will convene the tech community with issue experts and non-profit leaders to develop tools to promote Career Pathways in Technology and Future Service industries that result. Note that this is a closed event, by application only.


SIBs—also known as “social innovation financing” or “pay for success”—offer governments a risk-free way of pursuing creative social programs that may take years to yield results.


CityLab is pleased to announce Summer of STEAMM, a program for undeserved youth ages 18 to 24 towards meet some key prerequisites to computer network certification, while preparing for a Regional Tech Competition this fall.

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