The end goal is reintegrate currently incarcerated citizens into the community, reduce prison recidivism, and improve public safety.

We can be reached by phone at 415-802-0506


We help our students achieve these collective goals, by addressing the academic, employment, healthcare, housing, and kinship wants of citizens re-entering society after a brief incarceration; to the needs and wants of small business owners who wish to hire technically savvy employees.

Strategic Intent

Therefore upon successful completion and graduation, of Cisco Network Essentials (CityLab), we provide hiring support and technical network connections for students and employers within the community; closely mimicking the style in which technical companies obtain new talent.

This will take place after the student(s) have been released, with prior demonstration of a willingness to pursue common small business community goals; as well as; those prescribed as treatment.

Our current project involves The Mentoring Men's Movement

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